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Transworld Systems is the leader in providing delinquency and cash flow management solutions to medical, dental and healthcare providers of all sizes.

Our entrepreneurial associates provide exceptional service value to our clients through superior products, a passion for service, and a relentless focus on improvement.

Since 1970 Transworld Systems, Inc. has been redefining the Collection Industry.

We do 4 things for our medical clients:

1. Speed up their CA$H FLOW

2. Prevent accounts from needing to go to collections

3. Make them more profitable without having to see more patients.

4. We speed up slow paying Insurance Companies - Insurance Resolution.

We provide a unique A/R recovery service to collect delinquent accounts, slow paying accounts, NSF checks and slow paying medical insurance companies. We charge a flat fee averaging $10/account. We DON'T take a percentage or a commission. With over 100 offices and 80,000 clients nationwide, we pride ourselves with the highest collection rate in the industry at 56%, with the lowest possible cost to our clients. Barron's and Fortune Magazine have acknowledged our success. Using our diplomatic approach to collecting our clients start early and collect more!

Transworld Systems is a MGMA Adminiserve Partner, has a Sponsored Alliance with the AMA and has been Peer Reviewed by the HFMA. Sara is certified MGMA and AMA representative and also is the Preferred Partner of the Mississippi State Medical Association and Visiting Angels home care. She is a regular speaker at the UF College of Dentistry.

Transworld systems currently has many technology solutions that interface with Medical and Dental practice management software. We are continually developing these solutions for our clients.

Transworld Systems works relentlessly to ensure compliance with the ever changing national, state and local laws surrounding our industry including HIPPA, PHI and TCPA. Transworld Systems also provides a Hold Harmless Agreement to our clients and a Performance Guarantee.

Contact Sara for a free A/R analysis.

Sara Postlethwaite 
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Sara Postlethwaite
Profit Recovery/Cash Flow Consultant
MGMA Certified Representative

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