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Improve patient care and enhance operational efficiency
As your organization adopts new systems and infrastructure to improve patient care and enhance operational efficiency, vulnerability to cyber threats and compliance risk rises dramatically. Because the ePHI your organization manages is an increasingly high-value target for hackers, the sophisticated cyber attacks aimed at acquiring it are seldom prevented by traditional signature-based endpoint security solutions.

Holistic endpoint protection for the medical office
The SentinelOne Endpoint Protection Platform continuously monitors all endpoints that access HIPAA-sensitive electronic records and protected health information. It predicts advanced attacks across major vectors, and intelligently automates the entire response process to eliminate threats while seamlessly adapting your defenses.

SentinelOne Endpoint Protection Platform Benefits
       -     Stay protected against advanced cyber threats known, and unknown
       -     Prevent loss of ePHI without impacting system performance
       -     Maintain HIPAA compliance and optimize compliance reporting
       -     Free valuable IT resources from time-consuming, error-prone mitigation practices

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