July 23rd 2015 Presentation

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Medical Community Building – Bringing Florida Medical Organizations and Societies Together

MOROF Healthcare CommunityThe mission of MOROF is simple…We bring all aspects of healthcare together through one unified source. This month’s presentation shows that we are much more than just providers and vendors coming together…we also work directly with all other medical organizations and societies that serve our state.

Watch our Ambassador Chairman, Dan O’Connell as we welcome leaders from other medical societies and organizations to showcase what we all are doing to make healthcare better for everyone.

Sponsored By Merrill Insurance - Medical Division,  Watch our Presentation Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqnrwElo-O4

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Video Directory...

00:01 History of Medical Societies (Martin Forster)
05:26 Introduction and Speakers Bios
08:28 About the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) (Celia Myers)
09:23 MGMA - National Organization
11:34 MGMA -Statistics
12:29 FMGMA -State Chapter
13:58 CFMGMA-Central Florida Chapter
14:50 Education is the Main Benefit of Joining -Contribution to the "Bottom Line"
15:26 Time Issues
18:16 Resources/Referrals
18:40 Benefits of Joining an Organization
19:06 Member Testimonials -Reasons they joined
23:26 Listed Reasons for Joining
23:46 CFMGMA - Membership Drive
24:38 CFMGMA -Membership Drive - Website display reminder
25:02 Seminole County Medical Society (SCMS/Carrie Pope)
25:11 Seminole County Medical Society (SCMS) -Mission Statement (Carrie Pope)
25:31 Why do physicians join a County Medical Society?
25:50 Networking Opportunities
27:38 Educational Benefits
28:49 Advocacy -Legislative Involvement & Patient Advocacy
32:00 Advocacy - Community Involvement
34:18 Lake-Sumter Medical Society (Carol Millwater)
37:13 LSMS - Listed Benefits of Membership
37:31 LSMS - Health Insurance Trust
37:43 Addressing the Needs of Physicians and Solo Practitioners
39:43 The Business of Medicine -LSMS hosts an annual EXPO Medical Tradeshow
41:04 Giving Back -started "We Care of Lake County" in 1994
41:53 "We Share" Program - refurbishing of Medical Equipment
42:30 Giving Back…Docs CARE Golf Scramble @ Orange County Golf Center
42:58 The Future of the County Medical Society
43:30 The last Speaker ..."Wrap up" (Dan O'Connell-MOROF)
44:42 Navigating today's Healthcare "System" - 5 points
45:53 LinkedIn Discussion - Ken Peach quote
46:44 The "Perfect Storm" & "No man is an island..."
47:13 Linkedin Open Group Discussion - Jennifer Wilkes quote
47:39 Why Join a Group?
48:27 Join an Affinity Group in your General Field/Specialty
49:32 What to Look for in an Organization
50:27 Trends Report -2015 (American Association of Medical Society Executives) -"Coopertition"
51:39 How do you Leverage to get the best Results : Visibility, Credibility, Profitability)
52:10 The Pareto Principle
52:28 Networking & Other Insider Tips
52:42 Suggested Books
52:52 Would it make sense to join other groups?
53:09 Affiliations - CERA/HINT (VIDEO CORRECTION - Dual membership is $100)
53:23 ADA -"The Power of 3"
53:32 MOROF -Power of 4 or MOROF them
53:51 MOROF -List of Medical Schools, Government Agencies, Medical Associations/Societies
54:07 MOROF Mission Statement
54:36 -----------------Questions--------------­-----------
55:24 What is the importance and the value Healthcare Business Partners/Vendors bring to the organizations? (Jeff Holt)
1:01:18 Testimonial for MGMA involvement as an "Administrative Partner" (Sara Postlethwaite)
1:02:33 How does one determine the best guide in addressing IT or other compliance issues?
1:02:33 As a Nurse Practitioner, What roles can "Physician Extenders" play in the Medical Associations? (Donni Alvarenga)
1:13:00 Is Florida known as the litigation state and how can we can ease providers minds about here? (Amy Noble)

Our presenters were...

Celia Myres, President of the Central Florida MGMA
Carol Millwater, Executive Director of the Lake-Sumter Medical Society
Carrie Pope, Executive Director of the Seminole County Medical Society
Dan O'Connell. Ambassador Chairman of MOROF

Sponsered by...
Jeri Cascio

Jeri Cascio_small_MOROF

 Healthcare Consultant
Merrill Insurance...

Merrill Healthcare Insurance
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Meeting Date - July 23, 2015

Meeting Time - 7:30 am till 9:00 am (doors open at 7:30 presentation begins around 8 am) 

Meeting Location - "The Venue On The Lake" at the Maitland Civic Center641 South Maitland Ave. Maitland, FL 32751 (Map).  


CLICK Here for the video

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CLICK Here for the video
CLICK Here for the ongoing discussion